Post-It Notes

A confession: 2011 was, generally, a bad year. Just the thought of placing 2011 in the past tense is already a sign of relief. But let me save that for my year-ender blog entry.

This is another story.

I was in Grade 5 when my teacher asked the entire class of our New Year’s resolutions. I remember saying, “to be more organized and to never be late in class again.”

I never believed in New Year’s resolutions. I was confined with the idea that one need not wait for new year to fix his or her life and start something anew. I held on to that belief for quite a while. In fact, I think, I still am. And years passed and my bedroom is still as cluttered and my editor still haunts me for my deadlines.

But as some Facebook status would say, this is it pansit.

And indeed, THIS IS IT PANSIT. I am giving 2012 no choice. It will be a better year because 2011 sucked big time. This year will accomplish helluva things and I will leap from the awesome-person-waiting-to-happen to the awesome-person-period.

So, to guide me in achieving this shittery, here is the inevitable Things-To-Do-For-The-Years-To-Come List.

Part resolutions. Part wishlist. Part goals. Part bucketlist. All in the hopes of creating a more productive addition to the rest of the 7billion and so-so thinking heads out there.

I will try to document the progress/accomplishment for each of these and post it here. I read somewhere that it is better to post your goals online because there is a certain collective pressure automatically attached to it. Plus, there is not too much space for this in my planner.

These are doable things. And by “doable” I mean something which I can accomplish in a span of one and so years. I have let go of the Marry-Brandon-Boyd to-do list and opted for these achievable but challenging targets (or as an orgmate would say, #OPLANayosbuhay). And yes, this list goes on.

On My Shopping Cart

1) foldable bike

2) running shoes

3) acoustic guitar

4) DSLR or this

5) a  quiet place of my OWN

6) tickets to the awesomest concerts in MLA!

7) good stuff to fill my library-in-the-making

8) insurance

On My Itinerary

1) Foodtrip in Chinatown

2) Sunset Picture in Puerto Galera/Boracay

3) Overnight in CalaguasIsland

4) Make love abroad

5) Tour Europe

6) Go Batanes Backpacking

7) Shop in HK

8) Make new friends in Thailand/SG/Vietnamn/India

9) Explore Maginhawa food joints

10) Backpacking in PH

11) visit as many Disneyland as possible

Notes for the Soul

1) Finish Sir Aureus’ List of Books to Read

2) learn Photoshop

3) watch more French and Italian films + indie films

4) be an active Rocked NGO volunteer

Steps to Awesomeness

1) be a yogi

2) learn belly dancing

3) learn how to play uke and tambol and violin

4) upgrade my Spanish to level500

5) take baking lessons

6) learn how to knit

Survival of the Fittest 

1) get a driver’s license

2) apply for passport

3) get NBI clearance, postal ID, etc. all those fucking necessary IDs

4) take Civil Service exam

5) go to grad school or take second degree

6) get a bank account

Challenge Accepted

1) join a fun run/marathon

2) ride a roller coaster (or the big wheel!) or anything along that line

3) wall climbing, bungee jumping, camping

4) go fishing!

5) submit for Palanca, submit for Palanca

6) star in a music video (o kahit extra, kfine)

Truncated To-Do’s from the Past

1) go on vacay with family abroad

2) write a book/script

3) have a rom-com/chic flicks marathon

4) picture with Eheads members

5) throw a themed party

6) finish everything in my bookshelf and hard drive

7) call a radio show

8) throw my bra at a rock concert

 Things to Do so I can Stop being Stuck Resolutions

1) meet my fucking deadlines, be fucking on time

2) less soda, more water

3) save moolah

4) stop delaying things

5) keep notes of things, document

6) lose weight

7) invest on people and human resources

8) write, write, write (update this blog regularly)

9) reunite with people

10) organize

11) take more pictures

12) discover new stuff everyday: new words, new music, new artists, new people, new films, new STUFF


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