21 Things I Stopped Doing at 21

1)      Making birthday greetings on Facebook

2)      Sleeping without checking the e-mail

3)      Going offline when he appears on the chat box

4)      Drinking iced coffee at the sight of deadlines

5)      Re-tweeting horoscopes

6)      Watching the water run from the faucet

7)      Dozing off before 2am

8)      Doing the laundries on weekends

9)      Adding too much soy sauce on fried rice

10)  Texting friends about suicidal thoughts in the middle of the night

11)  Calling people by surnames

12)  Posting a status on Facebook

13)  Twisting my hair to calm self

14)  Stroking zits on my face

15)  Eating pizza crust

16)  Avoiding eye contact amidst deep conversations

17)  Dipping bread in hot chocolate

18)  Sending gifts despite special occasions

19)  Being narrow-minded about open relationships

20)  Ending each text with a smiley

21)  Believing that Sandra Bullocks’ movies do happen

Where do we go from here?


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