ON DECK: Somebody That I Used to Know by Gotye

ON SHELF: Wicked by Gregory Maguire

ON PLATE: oatmeal cookies, sleeping pills

WEATHER: slightly cloudy with hints of tears and depression

STATUS: still trying


Balloon Fest 2012

What can be more fun than a picturesque sunrise, happy people, mild weather, sunshines, floating balloons, gorgeous Sky divers, and cold shake? To have them all for FREE!

Thanks to Hapi (who works for the Armed Forces of the Philippines) I was able to break free from the anti-social world that I was living in and finally go to the 17th International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta. Plus, I got to drag a friend with me, too! *confetti*

with my 180-peso top bought by impluse

We left Manila around 4am and arrived in Clark just before sunrise. We roamed through the AFP Pampanga premises, took antique helicopter pictures, and headed on to to the Open Field area.

it's been weeks since the sun shone on me (saywhut)

First, the weather was fab: mild, windy, with happy vibes from happy people’s happy hormones. It was an event.

colorful balloons at the 17th Hot Air Balloon Fest!

The event was, after all, an advertising/marketing shit. Β Most of the balloons were actually sponsored by bigwigs in the business. SM, Close-Up, Caltex, etc. My favorite balloon must be the winking sunflower. I just wanted to ride on it and explore the world from the bird’s eye view.


more balloons!

Photographers and pseudo-photographers flocked to the place. We even spotted a couple doing their pre-nuptial shoot there. It was sweet. Fro the first time, in months, I felt like love was on the air. πŸ™‚

SM must be very happy

Me and Trisha and Caltex

Trisha, my ever kaladkarin friend, gave it a go right away. Free tickets, free ride, and free me. What else can you ask for? πŸ˜€


Stalls were dotted all over the place. We spotted one trinket shop that sells cheap sunglasses for P50. I bought this one (above photo) and felt vintage and cool and hipster all throughout the day. Yeaheh!

So Close Yet So Far

Peter Pan in ze house!

The Sunflower and the...Bird?


Sexy Hapi!

We had an early lunch at a Jollibee makeshift cart. Afterwards, we went off to take more pictures and while spotting some cute guys in between. The weather did not show any signs of moodswings and it was a happy day. By 12noon we were already bored. The gang decided to pack up and leave. We waited for more than an hour until we finally left. Apparently, our service’s driver was told to fetch us until at 2pm. Anyhoo, I was asleep on the way to Manila (less than 2 hours) and it was one of the most satisfying sleeps I had in weeks (I was awake for more than 24hours prior to this fest).

The Cake Balloon

tired but happy πŸ™‚