First Day High!

(from L-R) three dark chocolate balls left; pasalubong from Boss' trip to KL; 60-peso milk tea from Pao-Pao; round-toe flats for Krisha and I; my then-bare Moonleaf planner is ready to get filled; our chill work desk with the special participation of Facebook


After almost five months of hiatus, I’m finally back to the ego-infested world of the corporate arena. This means I’m back to pencil-cut mini skirts and closed shoes. This means I’m back as one of the hasty-looking entities pushing themselves in MRT at 7am yet again.

So, my 9-6 job is back. While I’ll be missing the impromptu breakfasts and responsibility-free life, I’m really excited to freaking work on a freaking day job again. This week had been delirious, depressing, boring, and stressful. The worse part was that I didn’t know why. But this sentimental ranting and existential dilemma deserve a separate post so I’ll save that for later.


Since my short (yet sweet) stint at a young advertising agency, I have finally decided to ditch my future as a pole dancer and just continue selling ideas. Selling ideas. Whatever.



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