Just Another Night Spent Amidst Thin Lines of Cigars

How to Motivate Yourself at Workplace 101

I’m on my last bits of the long weekend. Like everyone else, I think it was gone as soon as it came. Like everything in my life is at the moment.


My mother, who came to Manila to visit, almost emptied my laundry basket. I, on the other hand, have a 2-page progress on the book that is currently on my shelf. I’m expecting another hate mail from my employer any moment now. And I think I just expanded into few more pounds. I’m still broke. And broken-hearted.


I’m on a crossroad. Last year, I was on one, too. Look what we have here today.


I don’t get the point of declaring “what is” when everything is too obvious. I don’t get the point of telling something that is already there. Like my dose of sugar to tea, my metaphor in life is too scarce.


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