Blahhberr Blahhberr Blahhberr

I’m running 3 days late for a 22-article deadline. Might extend for another day if I don’t shut this window down in the next millisec–

And I didn’t.

I’m still here. Rummaging through some Adele songs. Torn between past and future tenses. Grammar twisted and turned. 90 minutes exited and I have had 8 breaks. The usual. Youtube. Chat. And a bit of stalking. No, a lot of it. Productive, eh? I have evacuated to the sala from my room upstairs thinking things would be extra productive without the sight of the bed. I failed myself. Don’t worry, Carmina, I tell myself. The editor, whose face I have never known, is kind enough to understand. A 3-day delay is–okay. Forgivable. You work with average to quality outputs, anyway. Not to mention you work your ass off every night marveling at the  essence of that nose hair trimmer review all for a cheap rate. Not bad.  Yes, your editor, in fact, will kneel down on you, virtually, and pledge you to work for him some more. With the same cheap rate. With the same fucking nose hair trimmer reviews.

I tell this to myself. Wait, who tell this to what? “You” is now the “I”? And “I” is the new “You”? I don’t get it. Neither do they. We are lost as all the others are.

Blahhberrr Blahhberrr Blahhberrr.


And the 9th break is done and over with. Now, off to work…



I am at the best phase of my life. Where mistakes are forgivable. Where being naive is expected. Where everyone my age is high on ideals, ambitions. Or the lack thereof. Where being stupid and principle-oriented are at the driver’s seat. Where everything is new, challenging, different–a first-time.

I was a fresh grad one and a half years ago. Now, I’m juggling the lives of an advertising agent, a freelance writer, and a weekend laundry lad. All these while reviving the enigmatic essence of how to split the bill and try to make ends meet.

I have a full-time day job–my second since I stepped out from the idealistic era that is college. I am still an idealist–to some extent, I guess. The “I want to change the world” mantra is till in my DNA (for how long I wouldn’t know). I have my bucketlist and am working on it. Yes, I get insecure with colleagues earning twice as much as what I do. Of course, the inevitable self-questioning creeps out off my bed at midnight. Things like “I’m too old to do this, too young to do that.” There are questions I find the answer to on the street the next day I wake up; there are some, however, that are left untouched, never discussed amidst coffee dates in Starbucks. I wake up, dress up, go to work, peek through unfamiliar faces, become acquainted with some, accumulate more Facebook friends, drink a beer or two, and go home with the same unanswered questions.

I am at the best phase of my life. You can be at the worst phase in yours. At the end of the day, it’s all a matter of how you look at it. Half-full or half empty. Black or white. Yes or no. This or that. The good news is, whatever inconsistencies, mishaps, losses, resignations letters, tax dues, electric bills, and self-interrogating thought bubbles you have, it is just a phase. You deal with it, move forward, and go on with your life including all the shitty details that come with it.

Sundays and Pictures

This blog is on an identity crisis. Much like the weather. Humid and dry in one minute, thunders and blackout the next. One day, I’ll just pull out my daily itinerary from my planner and squeeze it all in here.

As much as I want this blog to sound personal minus the diary-rant vibe, I don’t know. Today is Sunday. The usual: brunch, extended sleep, laundry assignments, Sunday racket, and plans that are not bold enough to get a life.

I guess we’re torn apart like that in one way or another.

On an unrelated note, here are some pictures of the great Apartment. 🙂

“where do we go from here?”

Krispy Kreme artwork, org teaser, goodbye notes, pictures, DVD poster, magazine cut-out.



Tiendesitas with Jay and Jane

Greenhills meets Mercato meets a 2000’s beer bar. This is Tiendesitas–a laidback food, handicrafts, and entertainment bazaar lurking at the bustling corners of Pasig!

One week before her tax-paying world starts to unfold, Jane dragged me Tiende along with Jay, also his first time. I like the place! It has the “we’ve got it all for you” vibe minus too much crowd. We went on a mid-afternoon Saturday perfect for one late lunch (probably explains the little crowd). Jane was about to start on her first job the next week; Jay was getting the hang of his new work; and I–well I was (am) still hanging on. Haha. Sisig and pork barbecue were always best served with sarcasm and humor!

Anyway hemingway, we strolled around the place after lunch. Pet shops. Antique stores. Stalls that would sell tops with triple the price in the mall. A couple of foot spas. And food bazaars. We went too early for the live concert which usually starts at 7 onwards. Nevertheless, I really enjoyed the “exclusivity” vibe of the place.

Sorry for these blurry pictures. Still toying with the new cam. 🙂

the obligatory group shot

the obligatory blur shot

Pork Barbecue – P40

Fried Tofu – P90-P120

Rice – P15-P20

Pansit Malabon – P140 (not sure)

Red Iced Tea – P40

Pork Sisig – P140

Jay – P100 (Kidding!)

before Jane sets foot in the world of the employed! XD

the obligatory mirror shot


Click this link on how to get to Tiendesitas ( helped me found my way!) XD


At Midnight, When I Preferred to Write this To Doing Laundry

I think we all need that one person whom we can be brutally honest with. Someone we can disclose everything to. A conversation that can go from mundane to taboo. Over bottles of beer. Tipsy but still sober. Enough amount of sanity to comprehend what is said. And what isn’t. Someone you can share silence with. Understanding before judgement. No holds barred. Introspection and issues. Non-issues. Disclosures. Strangers who will hold your secret forever. Over bottles of beer. Over beers of bottle. I want to meet that person. This is the best time. I feel like exploding any minute now.