Tiendesitas with Jay and Jane

Greenhills meets Mercato meets a 2000’s beer bar. This is Tiendesitas–a laidback food, handicrafts, and entertainment bazaar lurking at the bustling corners of Pasig!

One week before her tax-paying world starts to unfold, Jane dragged me Tiende along with Jay, also his first time. I like the place! It has the “we’ve got it all for you” vibe minus too much crowd. We went on a mid-afternoon Saturday perfect for one late lunch (probably explains the little crowd). Jane was about to start on her first job the next week; Jay was getting the hang of his new work; and I–well I was (am) still hanging on. Haha. Sisig and pork barbecue were always best served with sarcasm and humor!

Anyway hemingway, we strolled around the place after lunch. Pet shops. Antique stores. Stalls that would sell tops with triple the price in the mall. A couple of foot spas. And food bazaars. We went too early for the live concert which usually starts at 7 onwards. Nevertheless, I really enjoyed the “exclusivity” vibe of the place.

Sorry for these blurry pictures. Still toying with the new cam. πŸ™‚

the obligatory group shot

the obligatory blur shot

Pork Barbecue – P40

Fried Tofu – P90-P120

Rice – P15-P20

Pansit Malabon – P140 (not sure)

Red Iced Tea – P40

Pork Sisig – P140

Jay – P100 (Kidding!)

before Jane sets foot in the world of the employed! XD

the obligatory mirror shot


Click this link on how to get to Tiendesitas ( helped me found my way!) XD



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