Risen from the Dead

Yessir. I have risen from the dead.





Gold Fish Memory Wiper

“Blessed are the forgetful, for they get the better even of their blunders.”–Friedrich Nietzsche


A goldfish has  a memory span that lasts up to three months. Despite its shallow intellect, a goldfish is a favorite domesticated sea creature. They demand less, require small space, need little maintenance, and leave you with no poop to clean afterwards. When they die, they just die. If you want a pet for convenience with little attachment, a gold fish is the way to go.

A gold fish can remember through consistency. Their memory requires practice. Thus, the tendency to fall for the first bait. But a gold fish recognizes signs and signal. They respond to differences in shapes, colors, and sounds; they distinguish.

In three months, a gold fish learns to select which one to remember, which one to forget. The things it remembers make survival possible. Whether by knowing when to be fed or when an attack is lurking around. The things it forgets rest in oblivion forever. A gold fish unknowingly knows how to detach.

It anticipates only when bounded by consistency. It does not require too much of its owner, if ever it is owned at all.

Of course, things are much more complicated with humans. Humans are stupid. They remember things. They cling to memories. They do this despite knowing that in ignorance, we find bliss.