This post was supposed to be about James Dean

When I was younger, I thought that being 20-something was a ‘big’ thing.  Like a notable era in a vast alley of history such that being in your 20-something is like being in Martial Law in the 1970s or being in the Renaissance in the 15th century.

Years passed and here I am in my matchbox apartment, downing a pack of instant noodles, and experiencing being 20-something at its best.

Or at its worst.

Or maybe both.

You see, being 20-something is a double-edged sword. Everyone thinks you are too young to do this, but too old not to do that. The 20-something stage puts pressure on your shoulder to accomplish great things worthy of telling when your aged and hoary; but it also gives you the best (and maybe lamest) excuse when you fail to make one—that you are too young.


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