“Midnightdemusings” is owned by a 21-year old cramming expert who lives in a karaoke-infested street somewhere in the metro.  She works for an advertising agency using her charm (or her wit, too, when compelled by the circumstance). Her 9-6 job allows her time’s little luxuries: yoga, Chuck Palahniuk’s, The Rolling Stones, Walk off the Earth, random magazines, Twitter, Tumblr, stalking, scribbles, lace dresses. She blames her weekend ghost writing sideline for her bulging eye bags and distorted body clock. Her friends think she’s perky, bubbly, weird, and a hopeless romantic. She, on the other hand, thinks of James Franco, fried tofus, deadlines, and quotas. Her creative brain cells do take OTs at midnights.

At 8

She had 12 stitches on her right cheek as a result of a childhood accident.

At 19

She had her first paycheck for working as an intern. It was also her first time to pay for her own rent.

At 16

She entered UP with a course she felt would change her life. Four semesters after, she shifted out.

At 17

She came across Pablo Neruda across heaps of reading assignments. She still knows “Tonight I can Write the Saddest Lines” by heart.

At 21

She realized hugs are better than kisses. And that no matter how long the wait is, everything is worth it.

At 18 

She lost a friend. She had also made a decision to volunteer for lupus patients one day.

At 13

She received an award for an essay writing contest. She never joined any writing contests since then.

At 18

She lost a bet to herself.

At 14

She rejected her first formal courtship offer. She believes it was one of the best decisions she has made in  her entire life. But she is still friends with the guy.

At 16

She cried over a sappy movie. She cries every time still.

At 20

She learned how to play the guitar. Thus, “Ang Huling El Bimbo” by the Eraserheads will always have a special spot in her heart.

At 15

She rode the bus by herself for the first time. She hated buses.

At 19

She made her first appearance on national TV. She looked horrible.

At 21

She nailed her first job interview. She quit two months after.

At 12

Her dad taught her how to ride a bike. In other news, she feels that her sense of balance is too remote.

At 14

She got drunk for the first time. She also slept on her own puke for the first time.

At 18

She realized her penchant for minimalist designs. Her workspace, on the other hand, is garbage.



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